I’m in such a good mood right now listening to Standing On the Sun on repeat, why did I decide to cover my friend’s shift

oh well, gettin that coin, i’mma make the best of work today!

The RPG Class I'd assign to you would probably be Monk because well for one i'm jealous of your legs! Two I think it would match. I can totally imagine you being great at martial arts.

i wish i knew martial arts! taekwando and capoeira are so beautiful and awesome to me, (both very leg intensive fighting styles). 

i love this! but i still think i’m a very magic class. (nature magic)

Final Fantasy Classes questions: GO!

1. Warrior - What is something you will fight for?
2. Monk - Are you a pacifist?
3. Samurai - Have you ever upset someone who depended on you?
4. Dragoon - When have you felt the most pressure on your shoulders?
5. Thief - Ever stolen anything?
6. Ninja - Are you good at disappearing or hiding?
7. Dark Knight - What do you believe in that most people don't find honorable?
8. Paladin - What is something you will die for?
9. Hunter - Do you have great eyesight?
10. Viking - How do you feel about the ocean?
11. Berserker - Have you ever gone on a rampage that dealt a lot of damage?
12. Mystic Knight - What do you believe in that most people don't?
13 Onion Knight - One of your weirdest traits?
14. Machinist - Are you good with technology?
15. Freelancer - Do you think rules are important?
16. Gunner - Have you ever shot a gun? What kind?
17. Black Mage - If you could have any destructive power, what would it be?
18.White Mage - If you could have any restorative power, what would it be?
19. Devout - Are you a spiritual person?
20. Summoner - If you were to have a familiar, or spirit animal, what would it be like?
21. Time Mage - Would you go back in time to change something you regret?
22. Scholar - Do you like school?
22. Green Mage - Choose one illness in the world to cure.
23. Sage - Do you believe in Karma?
24. Alchemist - How do you feel about technological and scientific advances as of lately?
25. Red Mage - Are you a jack of all trades, or more of a specialist in one thing?
26. Blue Mage - How do you feel about copycats?
27. Geomancer - Is the environments wellbeing important to you?
28. Bard - Do you like singing? Are you good at singing?
29. Beastmaster - Do you love animals? Post pictures of your favorite animal!
30. Dancer - Can you dance?
31. Gambler - Have you been feeling lucky lately?
32. Mime - Have you ever lost your voice? How was it?
33. Puppet Master - What's something you want to have control of in your life?
34. Memorist - What's your fondest memory? And what's your earliest memory?
35. Commando - Do you think you're more of a leading role in your relationships?
36. Sentinel - Who are you most protective of?
37. Ravager - What is something you are relentless towards?
38. Synergist - When have you felt your best? Why?
39. Saboteur - When have you felt your worst? Why?
40. Medic - When have you felt your sickest?

speaking of classes

i’m gonna post a final fantasy ask thing i’ve had in my drafts forever, so i better get questions